Process Bars


I just upgraded from Cubase 5 (from 2000) to Cubase 7.5 and was wondering if there’s an easy way to add/remove bars in 7.5.

The old version(5) had a menu item to add/remove bars so it was easily accessible at any time. From looking at the manual for 7.5, it looks like I have to open a Tempo Track then go in to edit that to get to the Process Bars option. I was wondering if there’s an easier way or shortcut to get to that Process Bars box.

There so much 7.5 offers compared what I’m used to so I might just be overlooking something too. It’s embarassing but my first mix down in 7.5 took me a good 45 minutes just to figure out where to go to find the option to do so. haha!

Thanks in advance!


That button is also available on the Signature track, so if you create one the button will be available without opening an editor. (Menu: Project>Add Track>Signature)

I’ll give that a shot. Thanks! 7.5 seems to be big on the tracks. Not a bad thing just takes some getting used to.

If you have no events selected and start/end markers (loop) set there’s also a right click option, named like ‘delete range’ or something like that.

That way you don’t have to fiddle with the tempo track if a simple cut-out-action is what you want to achieve.

It is called “Delete Time”. |(NB not the same as “Cut Time”)

Oh yeah, thanks, not at the machine atm :wink:

Will that work to add bars too? I’m at work so I don’t have cubase on. If so that’s exactly what I’m looking for bit even if it’s just to delete bars it’s more than I had. Thanks!

I do a lot of the writing/arranging in cubase. So to add some bars to work on a new part or copy and paste other parts and delete bars as needed would be nice to have right there. I guess too I can have the signature track tempo track while I’m working on it and then delete those if nothing alters in the tune after I’m done with the structure and concentrating on recording tracks.

I’ll give those options a try next time in on.

I appreciate the help!


This is the opposite of “Delete Time” above:

With no events selected, set the number of additional bars you need using the locators. Menu Edit/Range/Insert Silence.

Cubase will split your tracks at the first locator and insert the number of blank bars indicated between the locators. All tempo events move with the insertion.

The manual has an excellent explanation of the purpose of the Process Bars dialog:

Yes, but it’s slightly more nuanced… so just for clarity’s sake

The command is Insert Silence, and what it does depends on the tool in use.

  • With the Select tool active its action is global regardless of selection.

  • With the Range tool active it inserts silence only for tracks in the vertical selection range (top track, bottom track in the info line), regardless of what tracks might be selected.

I think the Insert Silence option is what I am looking for (and Delete Time as well).

Page 617 of the manual is where it seemed like you had to have the tempo track set up which led me to ask if there was a shortcut.

if I don’t have a tempo track and just wanted to add 4 bars to add a new break (something I’ll be playing or even cut and pasting from another part of the song), then i was hoping to be able to add those 4 bars easily. In the event i play something new and it sounds better as 3 bars then I can Delete the additional bar and pull the rest of the song back to line up with the end of my new part.

It sounds like they have the option available from different places (Insert Silence and Delete Time )which is what I was thinking I just didn’t know where to look (other than the tempo track per the manual).

Thanks again for the help.

I should be working on it a bit this weekend and will let you know if that did the trick!


That worked (insert silence). Will take a little getting used to with using the locators to set the amount if bars but it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!