Process plugin to whole clip

I want to bring this up, I couldn´t find an old thread, but I think it has already been discussed in other places…

If I had one wish, which I wanted to see first in Nuendos new version, it would be the chance to process a plugin not only to the actual size of the event, but to the whole copy. A small check mark in processing dialog could do this.

It´s my daily issue, that I process an effect to an event (esp. pitching sounds, or restauration of original sound) and later have to trim the region. I then first have to delete my old processing, do the trimming, and then redo the processing. Since I always generate a “new version” when processing a plugin, there wouldn´t be a reason for me, for not processing to the whole copy (of course apart from plugins with changing effects).

The solution would be to open that clip in the sample editor (and apply the process to the desired range / Select All) instead of right-clicking to the event in the Projetc Window.



select the desired region, then press apple-F. The pool window opens with the selected file. Now you can process the plugin onto the pool file.


Hi, yes, that are the workarounds I was dealing with the last years, but there are two showstoppers:

select the desired region, then press apple-F

-> You first have to generate a copy (and a re-edit) of the soundfile manually, otherwise the process will effect on all events relegating to that clip (you won´t be asked if you want to use a new version like it would be when processing in edit window).

apply the process to the desired range / Select All

-> I want to pre-listen and configure the plugin just on the desired range, and then just process this setting to the whole clip, just for being save when having to trim it later on. This additionally would be very helpful if you could just select the range where a humming or buzzing is at its strongest, make your setting, and then process this onto the whole clip.

This is a preference you must’ve set once.

You can process the whole audio file directly from the selected event, even if the event doesn’t use all of the file.
Check your prefs.


Is this for real??

Please could you tell me where I can find this pref? I’m looking for this for about 10 years now, and never found this in pref dialog. I just scrolled through the prefs once again, - and again without success.
It would be very helpful!


I’m very sorry! I’m either very daft, or have terrible memory!

I can’t find what I’m looking for, and hence I’m wrong.

Maybe a better workaround is a small macro (Works great if you often use the same plugin)

See video:

Sorry for confusion. Hope I made it up.


oh nice one!