Process/Render Events with External FX... Direct portal from event to External Instrument Outs+Returs

Would be such a huge time saver, if say, you wanted to process a bunch of snare samples through an external compressor… why not just be able to select a bunch of events and, ‘Process with External Instrument’, which sends the first selected event out to a designated external instrument output, and returns it and replaces the event/file with the new processed one with delay compensated and renames ‘-01’ or a user defined return name that adds a addendum ‘+1176setting1’. And then, it would continue on to whatever event was next selected.

You could do this on a number of events all on the same track, or a number of events across multiple tracks… For instance, if your hardware processor has a ‘Warm Mode’ such as my Elysia Xpressor, and you wanted to run every single event in your project through it, thus giving your entire project a subtle warm character on EVERYTHING instead of just the master bus, you could do so.

You could set it up exactly like Direct Offline Processing. Say a snare sample is selected, you then setup the External FX Event Process send and returns and within the this window, you press play/preview and plays just the check of the event and you are hearing your hardware processor. You then print it and it creates a revision in the left column list - in this instance, more like a track version than a chained plugin in Direct Offline Process… You can then tweak your 1176 and print another revision. You could do this across 1000 snare samples and take a coffee break.

Very useful for sample pack creators, but also people in post-production I’m sure and it’s this strange breed of digital enabling analog beyond how it could typically be used. :exclamation: