Process Tab (et al) Disappears When Clicked On?

Hey All,
Have an odd occurrence happening in the Main Edit Window of Wavelab 9.5. When I click one one of the function Tabs along the top of the waveform view (Edit, Insert, Process, Correction, etc.) they will open as expected, but if I click on it again, it disappears (please see attached screenshots). It will happen on each tab until they are all no longer there, but if I move to another file, they all reappear, weird.
I numbered the screenshots to show what’s happening, anybody know why?
Not a big issue, but seems odd.

Last 2 Screenshots

Check this:

That works! Thanks PG.
Curious, is there a reason the tabs disappear when this option is not used?

Just to be clear, it is the actual tab itself (i.e. View, Edit, Insert, etc.) that disappears, not just the tool dropdown.

@Big Mother, it doesn’t show very clearly, but it looks as if you have made a selection in the audio in some of the screenshots. I’m not sure but maybe that can explain why for example a ‘process’ tab appears or disappears (I’m not at the studio so can’t check at the moment).

Thank you for checking in Arjan.
Making a selection does not seem to change the behavior.
Here is a repeatable process for me to see this odd action:

  1. Open Session
  2. Click on PROCESS Tab, Tool menu opens (drops down below the Tab)
  3. Click on the PROCESS Tab again, and the Tab itself disappears.

Please see these new attached screenshots (the cursor doesn’t show, but it was right above the PROCESS Tab) in #3 you can see that the PROCESS tab is no longer between the INSERT tab and CORRECTION tab

(… use of caps on Process, Insert, etc., is because that’s how they are written on the tabs, not as a shout :smiley: )

Guessing I am the only one having this issue, will try a reinstall later today and see if that clears it up.


Did a full reinstall and still have the same issue. Anyone else able to recreate?

Reinstalling can’t help unless you erase the WaveLab preferences.

I did
(hence the use of “full” reinstall. Probably should have said “clean” reinstall)

Is the issue not happening on your end?

This should be this way, and you should not touch it. That’s all.

I’ll guess it’s not just my machine and will employ this as a method to avoid it.
Thank you for your help, and for a great tool, I really like WL.

I’m having this problem too - just started yesterday (OS Mojave)

It’s driving me a little crazy, because I work on a laptop and the solution PG offered above keeps the tabs open all the time, thus taking up valuable screen real estate

Until now, I could keep the tabs hidden. If I wanted to use “View”, for example, I’d hit V V, the tab would drop down, I’d do whatever I needed to do, then click in the main montage field and the tab would go away again - but I could still see “View” in the toolbar. Now it disappears

Same with Edit, Analyze, Render etc etc. Use them once, then the tabs disappear. To get them back, I have to quit and then re-launch WaveLab. What’s going on?

This was not an issue until it suddenly began yesterday - and it didn’t happen all day. Started in the morning, then at some point in the afternoon it stopped happening. Now it’s happening again today

Can anyone confirm that this issue is not present in WL10?
It’s enough of a pain that it has me thinking about purchasing the upgrade.

Try the WaveLab 10 demo.

Thank you post this, Big_Mother.
Same here. Wavelab 9.5.50, macOS Mojave 10.14.6.

Enable “Fold/Unfold Tabs” is not a solution actually.
Once disappeared tabs don’t come back.

My workaround :
create a blank file group tab, switch tab back/forth revert all tab functions.

It’s very annoying bug, this should be fixed.

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Late to reply, but thanks R_Underwood, this is a usable workaround.
You are correct, Enable “Fold/Unfold Tabs” is not a solution, but I try to remember to have it “Unfolded” and never close it when I am working.
I agree, very annoying bug

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I had this problem too when we first got WL9.5 2 years ago. It just came back today. Same OS, Mojave 10.14.6. I didn’t know about that upper right switch though.

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