Process Tempo window open defeats Macro Key Commands

Hello, Process Tempo window issues:
we were occasionally finding that Macro based Key Commands would stop working. Finally traced it back to that when the Process Tempo dialog window is open macros don’t work. macOS 10.14.4, Cubase 10.0.20. Confirmed running on another system with same OS and Cubase 10.0.15. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

Also finding that there is no toggle for this window, so using the key command or clicking the button in the tempo track only open the window, they don’t also close it. Not sure if that’s normal or should be reported or be a feature request. Was in a bad habit of clicking away from the window rather than closing it when finished.

Also, the Bar Range is based off the Locators, correct? When adjusting New End Position and clicking Process, the Bar Range updates with new numbers that don’t reflect the actual position of the locators, is this intended behavior? Does making a second change with the window in this state produce accurate results I wonder? Only closing and opening the Process Tempo window resets the Bar Range to it’s correct numbers. Before and after screen shots attached.

Thanks you


Might be it depends, where the focus currently is in Cubase. What steps are in your Macro?

Focus is on Project window.

Most often used, key used is F:
Transport - Go to Left Locator
Transport - Record


Do I understand you right, if the Process Tempo window is open, this Macro (you mentioned) doesn’t work?

Just for your info in the Transport > Common Record Modes, you can enable Start Recording at Left Locator/Punch In Position instead of the default setup: Start Recording at Project Cursor Position, if you always want to start from the Left Locator position.

Yes, I can confirm, the Macro doesn’t work when the Process Tempo Dialog is open.

Reported to Steinberg CAN-22641.

awesome thanks for confirming and reporting