"Process with ID not found" issue!

friends, the same problem. yesterday Cubase runs perfectly. and today, when the Director and I decided to record a new theme for a feature film, I was disappointed. however, disappointment is only the most delicate word that can be written here. I use 2 computers and 2 vepro Licenses. In Cubase 10.5. Undoubtedly, I am glad that I came out in Cubase11.0 and probably will switch to it soon, but DAMN, I can’t work right now! And all my sessions hung in the air. Studio time is running. The musicians are waiting. The Director is waiting. The recording session was disrupted. What’s going on here, sorry? Process with ID not found. damn it, are you serious? I downloaded the update to Cubase 10.5, downloaded ELicenser. Needless to say, in recent months it was necessary to perform a dance to start the program - first you had to run VE PRO and only then Cubase, otherwise (first VEPRO and then CUBASE) ELicenser started swearing and refused to run Cubase.

Now, for some reason, I have to choose only one: Cubase or VEPRO. Both programs open in turn. But not together. And I understand this is a new issue that has surfaced this month. Dear support service, I really ask you to understand. As well as many composers who didn’t reach this forum and still sit and once again try to reinstall elicenser independently…

and I see more and more posts about it on different forums.

Hi and welcome,

Are you on Mac or Windows?

If you are on Windows, have you tried to reinstall eLCC as administrator? Have you tried to install eLCC helper (if you are on Windows, as administrator)? Have you tried to start eLCC (if you are on Windows, as administrator) and trigger Maintenance?

How is your USB-eLicenser connected? To USB2 or USB3 port? Via USB hub (active or passive) or directly to the computer? How old is your USB-eLicenser?