Processing a duplicated track

I duplicated a track to reverse phase it as part of a M/S recording, but when I try tried to process the wav, it reversed the original track wav as well. Ok, makes sense, they are the same wav file.

So, I changed the name of the wav (using shift enter), but it retained the wav name in ‘( )’ and just added the new name, and still changed both tracks when I processed just the 2nd.

I know there is the reverse phase button in the racks, but I was wondering what I need to do to process a duplicated track without affecting the original wav as well?


In default settings, Cubase will ask you, if you want to make a new version of the file (and process just the one event), or if you want to apply the process to all events.

Probably, you enabled “Please, don’t ask again” in past.

To enable this message again, open Preferences > Editing > Audio. There is the On Processing Shared Clips. Select Open Options Dialog from the menu.

Woo Hoo!

That was it. I knew it was something daft I had done somewhere along the line!

You can change the event after copying by using the menu item “Edit/Functions/Convert To Real Copy”