Processing a plug-in on a wave file - help!

Hi guys,

I have drumagog installed and I am trying to process permanent sample replacements on a mono wave file (kick drum) via right clicking on the wave and scrolling down to ‘plug-ins’. On Cubase 5, drumagog appeared among the plug-ins in the the list. On Cubase 7 however, it doesn’t.

Any idea how I can make the plug-in appear in the list?

It appears everywhere else - for example if I want to use drumagog as an insert.


And that is Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7?

This only works in Cubase 7, if you have Artist…

Cubase 7 guys. Not Artist. Thanks.

No ideas yet guys? Thanks again.

Surprised nobody has an answer to this. I’ll contact Steinberg directly and post the response here so that it can be of help to the members of the forum.

Drumagog 5 shows up fine in the offline process plug list here…running it jbridged.

Hi Grim,

How do I view that list? The one that appears when you right click doesn’t display it. I’m also running Drumagog 5.

Not sure what ‘jbridged’ means though.

The one that appears when you right click doesn’t display it

Does here…and also in audio menu/plug-ins

Jbridge is an alternative to the Steinberg bridge if you’re using 32bit plugs in 64bit Cubase.

Hmm, looks like I’ll be checking that out then! Thanks.