Processing a range-selected audio event w/DOP

In Cubase I can select a range of an audio event and process it with a plugin. I do this hundreds of times per project. With Direct Offline Processing I can’t seem to do that – I can only do it with completely separated events. Can someone point out to me what I could be doing wrong? It can’t possibly be permanently like that? If so is there an option to not use DOP? When I simply apply a plugin to a range or event of audio, only the Direct Processing window comes up.

For starters, please update your signature. It says Cubase only.

Secondly, this works perfectly.
Range tool => select range => F7 (DOP) => Process.


Whoops, forgot to update that. My bad – done.

As far as the DOP situation that’s exactly what I’ve tried, and the previewing only works with individual events, not with something selected with the Range Tool…at least on my system.

Hmmm. We must be doing something different.
Works for me …