Processing from Pool Trouble!

Hi All - Is there a way to have the processing I apply from the pool effect the actual file? For example I have created named .WAV files to be delivered to my client but I want to change the gain on them. If I highlight the file in the pool and use gain processing when I check the actual file from the folder I have put them in, it has not been altered. I have tried saving and quitting Neundo, using the “write attributes to file” from the dropdown menu and other audio processing (like from the plug in drop down) and nothing “sticks” to the actual file. Though when I go back into Nuendo the file retains the change within Nuendo.

Thanks for any help!

It’s “right click” - “Audio” - “Freeze Edits” . This way all offline prozesses are rendered into audiofile. “Attribute” is a different thing.