processing overload

The red “processing overload” light keeps showing on the audio processing load bar. Its only just under 25%, I have a 12 core processor with 64GB of RAM, this should not be the case, anyone else experiencing this ? Is this supposed to be normal ?

Cubase 11 Pro

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Open the actual processing window by double clicking on it. The window will show the real peaks, whereas the indicator in cubase is only showing average load.

the light actually comes on almost straight away, even before I have any virtual instruments loaded. I have an external synth connected and the light is on, the bar indicator is hardly showing anything, yet the red light for processing overload is on, this has to be a bug or something, that cant be right.
(this is a brand new virtually empty project)

What is your ASIO buffer size?
Do you have ASIO guard on?
Which CPU is in your system?

I’ve never been sure I get much useful information from these meters. Usually I hear audible problems, such as pops, clicks or crackles when the meter is nowhere near the red line, and then at other times, the project is playing fine, and the meter spikes to red momentarily.

Whatever the meter is supposed to be informing me of, it seems it could be done much better.

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What is your ASIO buffer size? - 512 samples
Do you have ASIO guard on? - this is set to normal
Which CPU is in your system? Intel core i9-7920x 2.90GHz 12 core

I also have 64GB of RAM and all my storage are SSD

I am having the same thing occuring. Opened a new project last night, minimal template with a few empty audio tracks and one VSTi, did nothing and the red indicators came on. Processing loads were showing very low (around 10-15%) so I double clicked to get rid of the red and waited… after a little while the red indicators were back. I’m not so sure this is a CB11 problem, it may be just some background Windows process or Network spike that’s causing this. I’ll do some checking on my system and report back if I find the culprit. A while back something similar was occurring that ended up being old USB and Network Card drivers that needed to be updated. I have very good performance, running a UAD Apollo TB3 interface without ASIO Guard with a i7-9800x 3.8GHz (8-core) CPU.

Same here. Load any project= red indicators. Start playback, click red indicators to off, everything is fine.
Do have a real problem when loading a project. I loaded a 10.5 project, saved in using Cubase 11 and it goes crazy with audio spiking when loaded. Started fooling around and when I clicked on the track containing Session Horns Pro everything reset to normal. Didn’t play or even open the VI, just clicked on the track. Maybe just a one off, but thought i would mention it.

Same issue here. Ryzen 5900x, 128GB of 3600MHz/C16 RAM, RME Babyface Pro FS. I’m noticing the red light come on even when Cubase is in the background, and my CPU utilisation is minimal.

Also using Cubase 11 so I’m wondering if it’s a bug.

Cubase 11 seems to vary between 9 - 18 core usage (my 12 core machine has 24 virtual cores) this is consuming anywhere between 14 - 20% of total cpu time. This extra resource usage seems to have come from nowhere, Ive got a high performance profile selected utilising 100% min and 100% max cpu levels. Ive tried every other option I can think of to help alleviate this, but nothing makes any difference. I appreciate having many virtual instruments requires massive amounts of processing, but 18 cores out of 24 ?? I honestly think this iteration of cubase is at the end of its lifespan and needs a complete rewrite from the bottom up, its just evolved over many years from a common codebase and has become bloated and inefficient. Steinberg support is just plain useless, Ive had a few support issues logged with them now, they don’t even respond, its appalling.

same issue here.

Same problem here, only noticed this after upgrading to High performance meter with minimal tracks and VST’s. Now having to use the Cubase power scheme on a high spec PC.

I just dont get it, I created a brand new project, this one has 9 virtual synths, lots of samples & loops and a ton of effects. The audio performance monitor is barely registering, WTF !!! There is something crazy wrong with cubase

I got the same issue. Tons of compute power available. it makes no sense to me

Yesterday I decided to use Ableton again. Didn’t use it for years. Upgraded to the latest version. Wow, compared to Cubase: better sync, almost no cpu power used, no audio overload. Comparison made with the same amount of tracks, plugins etc. Of course Cubase has a better interface, a lot more options to personalize etc but I think to stick with Ableton till I can afford a faster PC maybe.

Hopefully this new version due out this year has been a complete rewrite from the ground up, cubase has just become bloatwear

No problems with 11 Pro, but I just upgraded to 12 pro and the track that plays with no problem in 11 pro cannot play without overloading and stuttering in 12 Pro. Is there something I need to do to ready myself for 12 pro?

Just updated to Cubase 12.0.10 and having the same problem. When playing a song in CBS11 no problems as soon as I load the same song in CBS 12.0.10 it goes to overload and stops playing. It was not doing this in CBS 12.


Has anyone figured this out or have any explanation?
I cant real time export or even play some songs without it failing/stuttering like crazy during transitions. My CPU is at like 12 - 20%. My RAM is equally minimal. Infact, the ASIO guard pops high when LESS processing power is needed. It is super weird, and VERY new.

Geeze, Cubase 12 is a hot mess. I love paying a company to do QA for them. It has been constant problems with 12.