Processing Shared Clips - Assume New Versions

hi all,
i just dissevered this and cant find a solution…:

When i duplicate a clip on my timeline that already has some processing applied to it (say an EQ plugin) and then i go to the new created clip and open the its process history dialogue and change that eq effect i noticed that the original clip is also affected…
In Preferences under Editing - Audio i have the On Processing Shared Clips set to Assume New Versions but its doesnt seem to correct this.

How can i avoid this?
thanks you

Nuendo 5 with all latest updates.

When you duplicate a clip on the time line… you’re only telling nuendo to play the same file a 2nd time. it does not create a new one.

If you want to create a new one… duplicate it… then bounce the new clip. Shift/B I think

Now you’ll have two separate clips with difference offline process history and sources…

thanks for the reply,
Well if thats the case then when i duplicate a clip and apply an effect on the 2nd clip (just generated) the effect is not applied on the first clip. According to what you said the effect should have been applied to the original clip too, no? As you suggested Nuendo is playing the same file twice but the 2nd one is with an effect (which i guess Nuendo processes on the fly)…So thats shows that Nuendo CAN play the same duplicated file with different effects…

The problem is that if the clip has an effect before being duplicated then any changes on that effect affect all clones of the clip…thats shouldnt be the case i think…

i use Bounce but at the end of my session when i am happy with all effects applied. If i bounce an EQed clip and later i need to do more EQing ll have to load another EQ and to my mind thats extra unnecessary processing (which degrades the sound a bit)…

And that option Assume New Versions what is it exactly then?

Go to Preferences/Editing/Audio.

Look at the dropdown “On processing Shared Clips” menu, and choose the desired behaviour.
Probably you have once flagged the “don’t ask me again” pop-up.
That is, if it once worked for you.


Well i ve have set this up to Assume New Version…
Do i have to restart Nuendo for this to take effect?

OK, didn’t read your OP correctly.
As Kid Dropper said, when you duplicate a clip, you are duplicating your original - processed- version.
So you end up with x-times the same clip.
Say you have 1000 files of a Kick Drum hit in your project, the idea is that by processing one file, all the other receive the same effect; otherwise you would have to repeat that processing a 1000 times.

Here’s hat you need to do:

-Select file
-Apply “Convert to Real Copy” (Edit menu)

This will duplicate your first file and turn it into a unique copy.
But it goes without saying that you will loose your earlier offline processing …


Thanks Fredo, just tried this and once you apply Convert to Real Copy the offline processing becomes embedded, not lost…Same as Bounce…(whats the difference with Bounce then?)

Not quite what i need…But if thats that then i ll live with it…
However still havent understood what that Assume New Version setting is for in Preferences - Editing - Audio…

I forked 1700euros on Nuendo just so i can have Clip based effects for sound design work in film…
I wish a bit more flexibility on this…( like being able to preview an effect when click modify in Process History)…

Once you get used to the work flow and how it behaves (for better or worse) you’ll find the clip based processes really useful. I always bounce a new version of something that will get it’s own process, it’s just habit now.

When you have more than 1 equal clip in your project, whenever you process one of these clips, the application should make a new version of it.
Set your preference to “opens dialog”, and you will see that you get a popup which leaves you the choise.

Not sure why it doesn’t work in your case.


Well i changed the setting to “Open options dialog”.
i duplicated a clip and went to apply a process, say reverse. The dialog opened I selected “new version” and applied the reverse process. Also checked the box “dont ask again” (so now it ll create a new version each time right?) Then i duplicated again that reversed clip (2nd one) and went on to remove the reverse process from the newly created clip (3rd clip)…and guess what, reverse was also removed from the 2nd clip…
So what exactly is going on i am not sure…

Any ideas?
thanks you.