Processing vocal tracks singly or in groups

Hello Cubase users
I’ve got a project running here. It’s got about 8 vocal tracks plus 12 instrument tracks, audio and midi. There’s quite a lot of processing, esp on the vocal tracks (Vocal chain settings). So now playback often stutters and stops. (Seems to have got worse since I downloaded the latest update this afternoon, but maybe that’s just my imagination.)
What I want to know is this, please…
If combine my vocals into groups, and process the groups instead of the single vocal lines, then

  • Will it use less processing power?
  • Will it sound the same?

I imagine the answer to both questions is probably yes. But if anyone has any cautions or suggestions to throw out, I’d like to hear them.


If you’re using any dynamics processing on the individual vocal tracks, then no.

Try increasing your Audio Buffer.

Thanks. I’d have all the dynamics processing on the group.
I’ll try the audio buffer.