Processor // Parameter-Change


According to my Debugging-results I assume that the process-member of the processor-class will only get normalized parameter-values that were changed. Is this correct?

That would imply: In the GUI I see the plain value that is then normalized via Parameter-class-members, and this normalized value is transmitted via the host to the processor-instance, where I potentially need the plain value again, hence: plain → normalized → plain (for processing).

Is this also correct?

Basically, this also leads to the question whether I should convert between plain and normalized values within the controller or whether I simply use the Parameter::fromString and Parameter::toString methods and stick to normalized values in the controller environment.

how you do your conversion Plain → Normalized or Normalized to Plain, it is up to you. The important thing is that you communicate to the host (performEdit) only normalized values [0, 1]… The host will send to processor only Normalized values…

Very helpful, Thank you!!!