processors problems with Mac Lion and C6, help please !!!


since I upgraded to MAC OS 10.7 LION (and I know I was a making a big mistake !:slight_smile: ), my Macbookpro is totally driving me crazy…

Under Cubase, the processors peaks off completely and randomly even with light sessions.
Which makes the audio saturate and to end up with no sound out anymore — it also does it when I want to play a basic audio track from the “import audio” window.

After restarting a few times, I manage to work for 30 min at the best until it does it again — only restarting the computer (many times) seems to give it some air.

When I read music though iTunes or Quictime, there is no problem.
I can also export the mix from Cubase and the mix sounds good.
It does it with the internal sound card and the 2 Rme sound cards I have.

My configuration is :

Macbookpro 2011 i7 - 2,2ghz, 8mb ram
Mac OS 10.7
Cubase 6.03
Rme Fireface 800 and Babyface (all drivers up to date)

Anyone could help me out because I am seriously depressed !

Thanx a lot in advance


Hi Ben,

after installation, Lion begins to create an index of all your files on all your disks. This impacts performance very badly. However, once this indexing is done, performance should be fine again.

Unfortunately, you cannot influence this. You need to wait until Lion has finished indexing, which can take very long (several hours or even days, depending on the size of your data and the speed of your disks).

More info: Click here

Hope this helps,

Aloha Ben,

Is this happening with:
1-previous projects?
2-new projects?



thanx for your replies —

Roland : unfortunatelly it s not the indexing because it has been done a few days ago.

Curteye : It s happening for sure from previous sessions but I think from new sessions also (which I am not sure for 100% but I ll try tomorrow) — what are you thinking of ?

Thanx again