Prod. activation failed

Ive prchased HALion6 and am not abel to use it. Firstly i installed the trial, i then decided to purchase the licence. i use win10, thinking this would be a simple process as before
now all i get is an error message saying that no upgrdable licence found.

Do i need a refund???

It looks like you bought an Update instead of a full license. An Update lets you go from an earlier version of Cubase, Halion or whatever to the latest. For example Halion 5 Halion 6. The error message is saying it can’t find the license for that earlier version to update.

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From the message it seems you bought any kind of upgrade. Which HALion exactly did you buy, please?

Ive purchased HALION6 UPGRADE from Halion se3., after using the trial version. The trial version worked fine.
The Halion se3 came with my cubase artist which was upgraded to cubase11. The information at the time of selection says this is compatible.

You’ll have to ask for a refund.

You can’t upgrade from Halion Sonic SE 3 (the one that comes with Cubase), only the full version of Halion Sonic 3. Halion Sonic SE 3 has a similar interface, but it has its own content which is primarily comprised of classic Yamaha Motif sounds and a couple of cut down instruments from the full version.

The full version includes much deeper editability, multiple new sound libraries and most of the acoustic instruments have articulations. It’s really basically its own thing.

I’m sorry about the confusion. Personally I’m not a fan of how these different variants are named either.

can i still purchase Halion sonic 3 and if so can this fix the issue?
And if i decide to go for a refund, how is this done?


Yes, you can and yes, it would fix it. And actually the price is the same if you buy HALion Sonic 3 and then the upgrade to HALion 6, comparison to buying HALion 6 straight.

If you bought the upgrade from the Steinberg online-shop, get in contact with the AskNet, who is operating the Steinberg online shop. They will return your money and you can buy other product.

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To ask for a refund, check the Order Confirmation email that was sent to you. It should include some instructions and a link to the Customer Service of the Steinberg distributor that serviced you.

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As it seems, when you buy Cubase and it comes with HALion, dose not mean that HALion comes with its own seperate licence and you own that as well. I had HALion3 as well as HALion se3 and so thought that these could be upgaded easily to HALion 6. The trial worked just fine, being the full version. I eagerly purchased the upgrade. Only then did i realise there was a problem.
I got in touch with the Steinberg shop and promtly refunded my money.
Im back to using the free version of HALion se3 and it sucks bigtime compared to HALion 6.

Cubase does not come with HALion, it comes with HALion Sonic SE. This is part of Cubase, not “updateable/upgradeable”.

Good deal.

Yeah, I can imagine that to be true! :expressionless: