proDCB MK3 with juno 60 and cubase 8.0.2 mac

dear support,
I am facing an issue with cubase 8.0.2. I used to not have it with cubase 7x

I am using a juno 60 with midi box provided with kenton, pro DCB mk3.
My goal is to get back as midi in the notes of juno arpeggio.

From the consol, when playing i can see that is moving and supposed to receive all the notes of the arpeggio.
But when recording I am having only the note used to trig the arpeggio from the roland juno 60.

to be sure my setup is right with hardware, i done the same test with logic x, and it is recording all the arpeggio notes without any special configuration.

seems that i need to setup something with cubase, do you have any ideas?