Prodigal son

song created using Cubase 4 and Cubase 6… vocals coming

A link to the song would be nice

yea…sorry… I thought we had a player for files here

Put it on sound cloud, very easy, good quality, an hour worth of playing for free without compressing.


Why post it without vocals?

I found that the beat before a verse is turned by a half count. That was cool but in the middle of the first Chorus you turn it back gain, but not in the rest of the choruses. Almost as if you turned it back just out of convience, to line it up with your rulertrack.

The mix is open, you can hear all the instruments very good seperated, only the crash cymbal is a tad loud, it overshouts all of the drums. I don’t here the kick when the chorus starts, so then you loose that jumpstart moment.
Draw the Cymbal a bit back maybe a compressor on all of the drums could also help.
Some drumbreaks are a bit off with the guitars, you could tighten that up, especially before the chorus and verses.

About the song, I don’t know, it’s really a backdrop for vocals, can’t tell much about it, have to hear the complete picture.

Greetz Dylan.

thanks Dylan… for the input…

the turn a round was on purpose…just something i do

I like my cymbals drawn out, now cut off, so I need to just work with it to get the over all loudness down

It’s great music but it’s crushed into lifelessness.

Yeah, back that compressor off. I had too much on a mix the other week, something like -30db :open_mouth: No idea why I did that but backing it off opened the mix beautifully. Give it a try. Raise the volume later on in the proceedings :sunglasses:

not quite sure what you mean… I need to get the vocals on, to really hear it.

btw… Morning sun… excellent

Hey pearl :slight_smile:

It’s dynamic range is around 12dB I don’t hear it’s crushed. No pumping or artifacts are going on, what exactly do you mean? The drums are very static, there is no dynamic there, because all the samples are played back on the same value except for some snare rolls. In the chorus the drums seems more thin like it’s pushed or squeesed.

@Mark, where and how did you use compression in this piece?

The guitar’s are also played a bit static. I think it’s the performance that makes it lifeless, but I can be greatly wrong.

I agree – music is fine, but the chorus section is so over-compressed it’s terribly distorted, and not in the good way

around 10db overall, little more in the sub mix of the drums

As I understand you used a multiband compressor on the endbus then?
That piece of equipment is beyond my knowledge but compressing a total piece with 10dB could be the culprit, that’s a lot.
I use 2 compressors and a brickwall limiter on the output.

The first one with very fast attack releases to catch the transients.
Then a 1176 with slower settings to control overall dynamics.
Then the brickwall limiter to bring it up more and catch the last ones.

The total compression/limiters reduce that signal between 6 to 10 dB but then with less artifacts.

I don’t know if that is the way to go, I make electronic music and that needs a lot of compression to make the sound round and less spikey. I also use a few compressors with sidechain to control baslines and cymbals so they fall down on the beat.

Greetz Dylan.

Really like the verses and guitar picking you got going on in this.
I agree, theres some work to be done to the chorus.
Drums and bass, to me, sound like they need to come up close, sound far back (in my cans)
For me, the kick reverb aint working, too much, too bright, maybe?
Might be an EQ and compression thing you got going on at the moment, but i’d go for a deeper snare, one not so snappy sounding. (personal taste maybe? :smiley: )

Back the gain off a bit on the distorted guitars, bring them up in the mix a little ( hard to say at the mo)

Got any vocals for this? Would be cool to hear them :wink:

I really do like this song, look forward to its progress, so i’ll keep my eye (ear) on it!


EDIT - Creed ‘one last breath’ for my kick and bass thoughts! :wink:

Hi Mark,

I was wondering if you meant by that comment that you feel a need to compress
the music in order to fit the vocals? So, not sure what you mean by “it”. :confused:
Does “it” refer to my comment about the degree of compression, or to the
ability to hear the whole song (with vocals) in order to decide compression levels?

As an afterthought, have you considered reversing the priority of compression?
Flatten the vocal somewhat but allow the music some more dynamics?

Thanks Sav, Im going to work on the drums a bit and see what happens ( compression)

Jet, I wasn’t sure if you meant overall compression or certain instruments, I guess I really need to add the vocals and then look at the song overall