Prodikeys anyone?

Anyone remember “Dis is Wok N’ Wrole” & “Crass Cimbo” :slight_smile:,d.b2U

Whatever happened to this, was thinking about it, looked it up and it seems to have been discontinued. Is anyone one making a product like this anymore? Were they not working out so well for people? Though I already have my full size keyboard controller/synth right at my desk, for those who don’t it seems like a good tool for inputting midi.

The guy is amazing.

“This is rock and roll” I love that. And it is- guy’s a virtuoso on that little thing.

People are selling them on ebay-

blurdy brilliant!

Who needs velocity sensitivity when you’re this cool :sunglasses:

Yeah, actually that guy is awesome, and he really get’s jamming. Put’s a smile on my face every time :slight_smile:

I did see some for sale in the ‘used’ markets. I didn’t know that they actually made 3 different versions of this thing.

Has anyone here ever used one? Do they work well? How is the latency? Does the integrated computer keyboard somehow hamper the music keyboard?

But just for curiosity, since Prodikeys seems to have been discontinued (their site say’s “end of life”), does anyone know if another company is making something like this?