Producing an OSSIA - Best work around?


I have been following the threads back in November last year on ‘work arounds’ for creating an Ossia in a full score with Dorico.

Do people have an idea as to which ‘work around’ is the least cumbersome? I have not had much experience with the work ‘flow’ features so I am reluctant to go down that path, but if I must, I shall.

What’s the general consensus out there as I am about to dive into a score that will need to use this a lot and I so wish to prepare myself for the smoothest work flow options possible as I am under deadlines for delivery of score.

As ever, with appreciation!

Using a different flow, it seems to me the most viable option.

Positioning and staff size are easy to manage, whereas note positioning for alignment could be cumbersome, being the ossia flow independent.
More often than not, I had to use a lot the note spacing function to obtain a good alignment with the main score.

The next update should bring the horizontal positioning of notes, and this should facilitate and speed up the procedure, while awaiting for a specific function.



Thank you Matteo for your thoughts…

I will indeed look forward to an updated version than can support ossia, so thank you for sharing your preference work around.

Thank you!


I wouldn’t want add more irons in the fire…

Is an ossia function expected with the next update?


I don’t believe so. I hope it’s soon though, I need it more than pretty much anything else at this point!

Unfortunately ossias will definitely not be included in the forthcoming update. We know they’re important, though.

Ok… We’ll wait for the next one, then. Definitely important, and surely requiring a large amount of work to implement.