Product activation failed

I bought online cubase 8 at a special price. Is there something specific to do to activate the product? The e licence appers properly on my steinberg but underneath it says no product linked to this licence. I’ve used the elisencer, maintanance… activation code … etc but the activation still fails. Any advice??? The funny thing is that i received by mail a link to update cubase 8 which i did… but product activation still fails…

Can you be bit more specific.

What version Cubase have you bought…is this a usb elicenser (dongle) or soft elicenser?

You should receive an activation code to be entered into elicenser. Did you check Spam folders or carefully read the mails you were sent?

Thank you for the answer, the product is the Cubase LE 8 Update from Cubase LE 4/5/6/7 for windows downloaded from the steinberg web page. The elicencer is a soft one. The elisencer number is 3688017835 07B381A324. The elisencer appears in the list of my soft elisencers (on the My steinberg page) but it says also 'No products found on this eLicenser.; I have received an activation code which i have entered in the elisecer but the activation of the product fails. I have also carried out the maintenance (shown on the elisencer) and entered the activation code again and again but there has been no improvement.

This will only work if there is a Cubase Le4 5 6 or 7 on your elicencer.

This is correct. I do have a soft elisencer for cubase le4 which I purchased on 2009. I bought the update from le4 to cubase 8 at a special price (voucher).

And is the soft elicencer for LE4 on the computer you are trying to update?

Thank you for your suggestion. The soft e lisencer is… everywhere meaning that it just appears on my steinberg page… The elisencer software was installed together with the update. Actually one cannot submit an activation code not even initiate the product activation process if the soft elisencer has not been installed. I have tried to activate the update from the computer where cubase 4 was already installed and from another computer where cubase 4 was not installed… In both cases the activation failed.

Ok … it is done!