product is not found

hello, guys! I have a problem with my steinberg. my product is not found after I reactive to another email. can you help me how to heal my product or my account?

Hi and welcome,

How did you reactivate to a new email? As far as I know, you can change an email address in your MySteinberg account. But this is not a reactivation. And you can reactivate your license from an old to a new Soft-eLicenser, but the email remains. So I just wonder, what exactly you did?

I had this message myself when upgrading my Cubase license on one computer then plugging the Steinberg key onto an older machine and tried to run and older version of Cubase. It didn’t know I had a Cubase 10 license because the eLicenser software did not know the existence of Cubase 10. I opened up the eLicenser software on the older machine and hit the maintenance tab, then Cubase started working/opening on that machine again. So maybe try opening the eLicenser software and select ‘maintenance’ if you haven’t tried this already?

Also make sure the eLCC application is up-to-date. But at the other hand, the original report shows that Cubase is not visible in the MySteinberg account.

Before I lost my product, My activation code in that text bar said “ your activation code is already used.” Then I feel so confused. After that I click reactive then changed my email. I think it was possible way to do to get my new activation code but my product is lost till right now. Idk why


I would recommend to get in touch with the official Steinberg support.

on processing. and thank you very much for your help. Im Deni from Indonesia. nice to see u bro!