Product updates

How do I know if a product has been updated? Do I have to trawl though Download Assistant every time and compare version numbers?

Welcome to the forum.

For Steinberg products that were activated through the Steinberg Download Assistant, any updates are going to show up in a new category above “My product downloads” until they’re installed.

The entries for your version of Cubase/Nuendo/Dorico will also always have the latest valid versions of all bundled content and VST plugins.

For older Steinberg products, you might have to check for updates manually.

Brilliant, thanks! If nobody tells you, then you don’t know, so thanks again.

There are some public resources to get informed about updates… this forum, for example.

IK Multi Media and others notify by email, very effective way of communicating, and convenient to the customer.

Recommend Steinberg does the same. Not everyone reads these forums, or goes to Steinberg Download Assistant.

IIRC, the C12 12.0.30 update announcement (or was it the .20? … definitely one of them) was not even made in the “Announcements” section of the Steinberg forum, just the Cubase section.