Production Groove Missing Samples

First time loaded a production groove preset, it said samples were missing, try to locate. Anyone have this problem? This happened on most of the presets, some worked. Whats up?!

Ok, Ive now tried everything, uninstalled the update and all components, installed again, nothing. Uninstalled the the update and the download. Downloaded the update again, same issue. No samples on majority of Production Groove. What I don’t want to do is download the full Cubase 9 off of My Steinberg. So I need a Senior member to help me out please. Ive been a loyal customer. Thanks.

Well, I figured it out. I went ahead and downloaded the full Cubase 9 installation. I remembered you could cherrypick your install programs and saw the Rock Pop tool box for Groove Agent SE that for some reason, never got downloaded to my version of Cubase. So that’s it! Hope this helps someone.


can you elaborate a little more, I’m having a similar problem