Production kit location on hard disc / Where is vstsound://?

  1. I think with Cubase 8 or 8.5 there came something like a production kit with a lot of drum, guitar, bass, synth, etc. loops and complete Cubase sample projects. I can’t find this data on my mac computer any more. I ran the default installation on my one and only hard drive. Where would this production kit normally be located?

  2. Quite a number of resources in the MediaBay is located in vstsound://… To which folder on my hard disc does this address point? Again I have done a default installation on the main hard drive.

Thanks for any advice!

such a basic questions
try this

also google
and you profile app folder

why do you need it though? you will not be able get audio from there

Hm, still couldn’t locate the “production kit” project files (*.cpr)…
Also I am not sure about the real name of the same, so can’t find something with Google.

production kit

are u talking about this?

It’s templates. They are in Cubase folder.

Thanks so much, but not these ones.

The library might be called “Construction Kit” and sample project names may be:

No Words 100 BPM F
Made in Detroit 100 BPM A
29 Min Jupiter 165 BPM Eb

I am afraid I deleted the whole “Construction Kit” folder unintentionally. Maybe I should reinstall Cubase 8.5, but I am not sure, whether this could have any side effects.

It will not have any and will not make Cubase unstable. A bit less track presets options. That’s all.

As next step I’m going to reinstall C 8.0, which brought the respective toolkit project files.

Even after reinstallation of C 8.0 I am not able to find the Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox *.cpr files on my hard drive.

Where did you get those names?
Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox *.cpr
No Words 100 BPM F
Made in Detroit 100 BPM A
29 Min Jupiter 165 BPM Eb

I have retail Cubase and I don’t have anything like this. Is this some third party framework-projects?
-> Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox
-> List of the 30 construction kits

Actually I still have the mentioned names in my “Recent Projects” list, but can’t open them any more, since the files got deleted.

Locations and some further info you may need regarding the folder being hidden can be found here:

My goodness, this was as hard as simple:

I do have all these projects in my MediaBay, but when I open one of them, I get a message like “The project directory is read only! Please make a new selection!”

When I click OK I can save a copy of the project on my hard disc and start working with the project.

I didn’t get the meaning of this dialog.

Problem solved. Thanks to both of you helping me making up my mind!