Profile Audio Reference wrong playback speed

When I add a 30 second Audio Reference file to my profile on VST Transit it plays back exactly 10% slower than it should.

I have tried using wav files of different sample rate (44k1 & 48k) but the problem still persists. To work around the bug I can reduce the sample playback time to 90% (ie: 10% quicker) and when I load it into the Transit profile it sounds correct.

Also there is a small audio glitch right at the end of the playback, sounds like it trying to loop part of the wav.

Seems like a pretty glaring bug to me. :smiley:

My setup is: Windows 10, Cubase 8.5, Focusrite Saffire56,

Same problem here.

sample rates of the projects need to match. Audio files are saved at the rate they were recorded.
You can use Cubase/Nuendo Media Pool to convert to your local rate if you need to, but the better option is to agree on one sample rate for all participiants of the project, preferably the rate of the creator of the project.

Thanks for the answer, but this was not the problem. I can export an audio file at 44.1 kHz or 48, nevertheless the project setting. I checked the results by importing or playing it back with an audio player. Before importing I set the sample rate to 44.1 kHz alike the audio file I was to import. It had the correct speed. When uploading it to the VST-transit profile the speed was changed by tape mode. As a workaround, I speeded up my snippet with the tape time stretching tool by 10% and imported it. It sounded quite right. After a few hours, I realized that the problem was gone suddenly and I imported the original snippet without any processing. Will check again later if it is still played back at the correct speed now.
I am not sure, what sample rate I had as a project setting when I uploaded the file to VST-transit. I think I tried both.

As understand you the sample rate of the project has to be the same as the audio file I want to upload. Curios what might happen, when opening VST Transit and importing the audio file, while no project is open. Then there is no project setting active.

As said, audio files are uploaded at the rate they just have (usually set when they were recorded, or from import/conversion). So your project rate should match that. You should not want to use tape-stretching but rather convert with the Media Pool, as that probably provides better quality.

The reason I used the tape stretch tool was that VST-transit stretched the audio file after uploading in the profile and the voice was deeper. That is the point that vst-Transit upload in profile stretches the audio file. I can load the VST-transit window without a project open. I can not remember completely but I had a project open in which I prepared the snippet. I exported at 44.1 and 48 kHz. Both I uploaded while this project was open and the bug was there. This leads me to the conclusion that the sample rate of the project doesn’t affect the upload. Moreover, I can upload a file, when no project is open. I have to restart my computer at the moment and will check if the file is still played correctly after fixing it. Last time the bug disappeared out of the blue. Could be that it appears again out of the blue. The sample rate would be of importance when importing the audio file to prepare the snippet. The sample rate when importing it for preparing the snippet was correct. As said before, the file was played correctly when importing in in the project to check back or when playing it in the windows media player.

I can not use the media tool for the file I uploaded to the profile. Before uploading the file is alright. Only after uploading it was played in the wrong speed with a tape effect. If the are not meta data about the sample rate stored the the exported snippet which are wrong I can not follow you

The current problem is that the audio file I upload to the profile is not saved anymore. The problem with the time-stretched file after uploading is gone, like said before.

Not refering to any such “media tool”, but the Media Pool in Cubase/Nuendo. Menu ‘Media’, ‘Open Pool Window’, extend the audio folder and right-click on the audio file(s) in question, then ‘Convert’. You will also see the actual sample rate of the audio files in the Media Pool window.

Before uploading the file is alright. Only after uploading it was played in the wrong speed with a tape effect. If the are not meta data about the sample rate stored the the exported snippet which are wrong I can not follow you

Files are noch changed locally when uploading.
Pls check: go to said Pool window, check the samplerate of the file, perform upload, check again: it didn’t change.
Note that only your own files are beeing uploaded, only other members’ files are downloaded.
Or maybe I still don’t quite get what your actual problem is?

I am not talking about importing an audio file to the project. I am talking about the 30 second snippet I can add to my profile of VST Transit.
When saying upload I mean the profile in VST transit. When saying importing I generally mean importing an audio file into a project.

The VST-Transit window I can open without a project open, so I guess the snippet I want to upload to the profile has nothing to do with the media pool.
When clicking upload the windows explorer opens and the file is uploaded to the 30 second slot in the profile in vst transit.
I tried 44.1 and 48 kHz and both not worked. The file was placed correctly in the windows media player.
But lets stop talking about that, because the problem is not there anymore.
The current problem is, that the uploaded file to the VST-Transit profile is not saved after closing cubase.
Thanks for your ambitionsto help so far.
I don’t want to bring another problem to the topic of this post.Maybe my snippet is 1 second too long. Will check that.