Profile Manager import not working in 12?

I expected my user settings / preferences / key commands / color schemes to migrate automatically from Cubase 11 to Cubase 12. Now that they haven’t, I’m looking for a solution.

Profile manager looks like the feature to handle this. But I imported my Cubase11 profile into Cubase 12, activated it, and nothing happened.

I’ve accumulated many workflow, key command, midi mapping, and workspace view customizations over time. There’s no way I could manually recreate these. Have others struggled with settings not carried over? If not, any idea what I did wrong? If so, any successful workarounds?

I’m on my 4th straight day of troubleshooting Cubase 12 and haven’t been able to do any real work in it yet. I was excited to try it out and it’s been nothing but an exhausting headache so far. Really trying to get over the hump and appreciate any and all insight

Yeah, it didn’t auto carry my settings across either. There is a solution I found where you copy the files across from one to the other.