Profile Manager problem

I try now what was suggested:

The new created profile does scan the plugins at startup.

Arturias Analog Lab produces a time-out, all other Arturia VST2 versions load very slow.
It does a new initialization to collect new preferences.

And the background colour is the default grey, the lower zone is the place for the mixer and my customizations for the Transport bar are gone.

So, a new profile contains the default settings.

Yes I agree, in general, this warning message alone doesn’t provide enough information to diagnose the root cause of a crash or issue. It’s often necessary to look at other information and logs to determine why the debugger is unable to verify the timestamp and whether it’s related to the crash. But could it be that vst connect is associated with the amd, the licensing and the synsoacc warnings if the senario is like this:

Indeed, those warning lines are not actually part of the crash report. The crash report starts with lines beginning with:

FILE_IN_CAB: [...]

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OK. I haven’t seen it for long time…

Then there is an option to duplicate the existing (default by default) profile, isn’t it? Sorry, not with Cubase at this moment.

Yes, exactly that was my suggestion above. The settings are still there.



The manual is very clear about the profiles:

Adds a new profile with factory settings.

Duplicates the selected profile.

So I was wrong, sorry.

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I’m summing this up for clarity in this confusing thread, though others have already provided this info above.

  • You can switch between profiles, and import and export your profiles for use on different computers.

The main thing to understand is that a profile is created upon running (and quitting) the program. That profile is marked as active.

You can export it to save your current prefs, which creates an .srf file. Then you can import that file into Cubendo on another machine, or on a fresh install.

If you create a new profile it will be just the factory setup

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In this case, I get the wrong profile, the reinitialized one. What I did is a duplicate of the ‘Default’ one and this allowed me to retrieve exactly my settings as they were before attempting the profile manager use.

It’s the one with the checkmark that one would want in this case, since a user might have renamed the default srf.

It took me several tries to understand this, and I never used it for years, until I figured it out.

I anticipate replies along the lines of “fix the documentation!” and I agree.

Difficult to say : I have checked and it’s the VST Connect SE that I have installed.


I ressurect this thread becasue I have a problem which is covered by this topic (and i don’t want to start a new, only slighetly different thread)

In the studio complex where my studio room is located, there is a large live room to which a total of three control rooms are connected. Each control room has different outboard and sound cards configuration. All three engineers use Cubase or Nuendo as their main DAW. That’s why it often happens that an engineer wants to record or mix in a different control room. Ideally, everyone would simply load their user profile in each room, and Cubase / Nuendo would look and behave as they do in their own control room. Unfortunately, the preset for input and output busses is always loaded as well. This is different in every control room, as the outboard and sound cards are different. In such a case, it would be good if you could exclude these (or other) parameters from the user profile so that the user profile can also be loaded in such a situation. Otherwise you have to redo the preset for input and output busses every time, which is very time-consuming.

Cheeres, Tomess