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I have already posted in the German forum, but I have only received reactions from other UR users (who confirm the problem), no reaction from Steinberg/Yamaha.
Therefore, here again in English and with the explicit request for a reaction from Steinberg/Yamaha.

I get a message on Monterey 12.4 that a Yamaha software is no longer compatible with “a future version of macOS”. This probably refers to the drivers of my UR22 and UR44.
Do Steinberg/Yamaha have any findings in this regard? Should I wait with the update to 12.5? Are there already adapted drivers (at the moment I have the 3.1.1. drivers on it…)?

A colleague’s response to this post then confirmed that updating to Montrey 12.5 is definitely fatal to the continued use of UR hardware.

Therefore, the urgent request for adapted drivers.
Thank you very much for this!

Hi. After update from Monterey 12.4 to 12.5 my UR44 stopped working. There were no problems with previous MacOS versions including 12.4.

Hi, I am the colleague Hartmut mentioned - I updated my Mac, and after restart, UR22 is not identifyed or connected to the system any more, only the LED is twinkling. Yamaha Steinberg did not reply to me service ticket (now: for 7 days)… still looking for a solution.

In another post (dated Jul 20) “dmclingman” has mentioned a USB driver Rel. 3.1.2 - with trouble running it on MacOS 12.4. This Release is obviously not yet available in Germany. Any idea where to get it from? Maybe there is light at the end…

Fun fact: Steinberg didn’t reply to my ticket, yet, but in the forum, they just updated my trust level because I spend quite some time here and they now want to know more about me by filling out the profile… :crazy_face: :joy: :joy:

Well, what to make of it? After a ‘basic cleaning’ of the system with Onyx and reboot, a dialog for the authentication of software (‘Software … no longer compatible with the operating system in the future’) appeared, surprisingly. I then opened the software function in the system settings, where it was displayed that the certification of the developer Yamaha must be reloaded. After unlocking, allowing and rebooting 2 times, the system found the UR22 again… so: 12.5 and UR22 works!

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