Program Change as "Remote Keys" for Expression Maps

Maybe I have missed this functionality somewhere, but here’s a feature request:
Allow the user to use Program Changes OR MIDI Note events to trigger Expression Map Sound Slots.
If this exists please point out how to do it.

Expression Maps are great because they allow the user to set up a system that will write human-readable and editable articulation data into the MIDI editors and score editors. BUT if this functionality comes along with having to use MIDI note events then some usefulness is lost. The MIDI Specification uses Program and Bank data for exactly this purpose. Most mid-high level MIDI controllers can be programmed to send Program Change messages.

I see this feature is now in Cubase 8.0.20.
Went to edit some expression maps and…there it was!
Thank you Steinberg team. (Curious whether this report was part of whatever lead to the implementation)

I did not notice that. Was this in the pdf of new features?

See the release notes:

Oh I thought you were saying you could use program changes to change the entire map to a new map. That would be better for me.