Program change confusion

I open a song which had been assigned to a Memomory Moog which I no longer have . Now I’m assigning to the Proteus 2000, one of only 2 synth I have that are in the midi devie list. So I chose th accordion for the first sound in the inspector. It changes to something undesireable before the next section because there is another program change, I see in the list editor. As it loops back, it keeps the unwanted sound so , I enter the accordion number at the beginning of the song. then I find a number for a guitar sound and change the unwanted sound to it. but the accordion keeps playing. I assume it has something to do with banks, but where do I set that, as in the list of midi device manager patches, bank 3?

You have to look into the manual of your Proteus what kind of message it requires for a program change.
Judging by the script you need to send:
Bank Select MSB (CC0), followed by
Bank Select LSB (CC32), followed by
Program Change

But check your manual!

In the manual, I found apiece of paper marking the page with MSB stuff from the last time I looked. What an ordeal. Finally figured it out. entried kept jumping where I didn’t want then and then when I had in the right place I would set one up and then go to the next and the former would also change. I realized I had to make real copy and then the setting would remain. I had entered initially before the measure of another segment as it se seemed there was a blip or delay if I put it at the begining. But since the copy had the same as the first, I had to enter again at the beginning or it changed to the former. More than an hour to get the one change set up, bu t should go faster on subsequent.