program change issues

I have secuences that I want to add some sounds to them. I am using General Midi to keep this as simple as posible, but when I save the secuense and load it in a roland xp-80 GEneral Midi keybord, I only hear piano and drums ( sax sounds like piano and organs too, etc.) only midi chanel 10 is ok with drums.

in cubase LE 8 they sound ok, but not when I load them in the roland jeyboard.

The original midi secuense sounds ok, but after loadin it to cubase and export it to play it with the extra lets say cawbell, patches and volumes does not load.

mac mini, 4gb ram, ios 10.9

I never received an answer nor could find any answers in the forums.
I just want to make sure I can do this before I purchase the LE version or should I go for the studio or pro.

I was in the 30 days trial and it ended by now.

Is there a way I can get an extension so I can figure out if what I need is possible in the LE version.

How do I do get 30 days trial since I could not figured out what I need.

I thing what I need is something simple: I already have sequences on my computer, I want to add sounds or change tones.

Thank you.