Program Change numbers for Halion Sonic SE

Cubase 6.0.2 - Where can I find Program Change numbers for all Halion Sonic SE instruments (eg Harmonica = 23, just follows the GM number, but what about other than GM instruments)?

Just google GM instruments, the numbers are the same everywhere, which is the point of General Midi.

Aloha P,

Not just for HSSE but as Steve posted, this is the map
for all GM Instruments.

courtesy of Roland Music Corp who started the GM spec

HTH (hope this helps)
GM Spec.txt (5.96 KB)

Thank you SteveinChicago and curteye.

I have been using the Wikipedia list for GM for a few years. Halion Sonic SE also has a GM identifier in brackets before the GM instruments’ names; eg [GM 001] Acoustic Grand Piano. My difficulty is I don’t know the numbers to use for Program Change in the List Editor for instruments such as Saxophone Section, or any of the others which are not listed as GM in the instrument list.