Program Change option for the Multi Chain Please..

I would like to use Halion Sonic live on stage, running on a laptop on the back of the stage and controlled from the master keyboard on the front of the stage. On the back of the stage the laptop will be safe for all sorts of things.

Unfortunately it not seems be possible to sellect Multi Setups in the multi-chain by a program change. The only way to go through the chain is by the up or down buttons.

Each gig our band tends to play the songs in our setlist in a different order, mostly depending on how the crowd reacts. Now you can say we shouldn’t do that, but I thik this is something that is normal during a live-preformance. It would be very nice that when I select 66 programs on my master keyboard at the same multi 66 setup in Halion Sonic is selected from the chain.

It seemed so easy: Saving Keyboardssplits into a multi-chain and then by pressing a button on the master, the right multi setup loads. On each hardware workstation this is more than normal. At Korg called Combi, with Kurzweil setup, etc … In short, an essential part of a workstation in a live situation. I would be very nice that Halion Sonic, as a software workstation, would work in the same way.

Since Halion Sonic has 128 setups in a chain ,would this not be easy to achieve? After all, 128 is still a magic midi number?
As a live player, that want to control everything from a master keyboard, I would find it a strong point of Halion Sonic as it would have this option. (Taking for granted the few seconds loading time)

Is this an update that in the future to be expected from Steinberg?


Also for me !!!
I have purchase HALion Sonic, but if I can’t call the multi with PC / Bank select like Hypersonic, I can’t use it……
This is still a primary function to use live.
An update please.

Moreover, it is written in the Operation manuel P.91 :

Multi Chain / Introduction
HALion Sonic comes with a special Multi Chain feature which allows you to set up a list of 128 multis which you can either step through manually or > load by program change> . This feature is particularly useful when performing live on stage.

There was an oversight of Steinberg? :frowning:

No response from Steinberg for this ??
The new version 1.6 has not changed …
I regret my purchase. I cannot make use of multi in live.
My HALion Sonic is for sale.