Program Change

I purchased some midi songs online (they are actually quite good), and performed on import in Cubase AI 6. Most of tracks map the instruments properly to my Yamaha keyboard, but in some instances, the drum is mapped to a piano (I’d estimate half the songs I purchased have this issue). The Midi song provider suggested I insert a program change. How would I go about “Inserting a program change 0 at in the drum track using the event editor”.

You may need to initialise your keyboard to be in GM Mode. Check your manual for this.

If you do that you’ll find that MIDI Channel 10 is set to “Drums”.

If you can’t find a button or a menu on the keyboard to select GM Mode, then assuming the keyboard is capable of switching into this mode, you can make it do so by inserting the following SYSEX event at the start of the MIDI file:-

F0 7E 7F 09 01 F7

Thanks, would like to try it, but before I do want to make sure I can “undo” GM Mode setting triggered by the SYSEX event. As I had mentioned in my post, only some songs seems to not work properly. Assuming GM Mode is a “lesser” mode than the current setting the MX61 is set to, i would like the ability to return to the MX61’s default settings.