Program crash : saved project AWOL

using cubase 11 (having some issues with cubase 12) and had 2 projects opened. one current project and a new test project. i saved a project and tried something (don’t remember). the program crashes and t relaunching cubase did Not show the test project in the hub !
Does anyone know if a saved project is stored somewhere before it’s available to the Hub/recents process. is it kept in some system file which i can resurrect?
(i suppose an export project would have saved the day)


Attach the crash/dmp file, please.

Yes, the project is stored in the location you chosen when you created the project. It’s not in the Hub in the Recent Files, because this one becomes stored while quitting Cubase. As Cubase didn’t quit properly, the project want stored to the list.

Cubase LE AI Elements 11_2022-06-12-134455_Stephens-iMac-2.crash (131.2 KB)

Thanks , i will attach the file.
WHILE I HAVE your attention. i posted this before but got no replies.
I recently bought cubase 12 and used it about 6-8 times. Once I quick the program the iMac color wheel just spins around forever. another time, when i quit , (or maybe i was launching it)… I got to the ‘updating media files’ (or something like that) and again the color wheel just kept spinning . i waited about 5 minutes in each instance… but i had to force quit the program. I imagine that aborting a program does not create a crash file…
any ideas ? I’m afraid to work in cubase 12.


This crash comes from Cubase 11.0.30. Update to the latest Cubase 11.0.40, please.