program crash

Several projets charsh (shut down) :angry:
so I can´t open the Project


Please read this article.

Also make sure Auto Tune is not used in the project (there are other users, whose have a problem, AutoTune crashes in Cubase 10).

If nothing of it help, attach a crash dump located in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps, please.

Thanks for fast reply

But It wasn´t use Default colour, I Always had that.
And not Auto Tune.

I send dmp to your Ticket support


i`m thinking to switch to logic after more then 19 years using cubase
bugs , crashes every time bay for upgrades for a small changes things that old in other


Could you attach the crash dump here, please?

ok so here it is
Cubase 64bit 2018.11.20 21.20.dmp (969 KB)


The crash is in the WaveShell3_VST3_9_91_x64. Please make sure your Wave plug-ins are up to date or inform the vendor.

Really? :astonished:
8 of 10 Projects from Cubase 9.5 is working with no problems
Seems strange :unamused:


Probably 2 of 10 projects are using a faulty plug-in or plug-in feature, which crashes.