Program Download Size

Can I please request that you provide the option to download the program in smaller multiple files? Not everybody has fast reliable broadband and if it fails part way through I have to start the download from scratch and have wasted data. I pay $40 for 3Gb data so it would cost me over $100 just for data costs to download my update from Cubase 5 to Cubase 8.5 and inevitably a file of 10Gb will fail due to the length of time it takes to download, especially on mobile broadband which is what I only have access to.

Another problem is the full download times out (from MySteinberg). What were they thinking? We have slower internet speeds in the US than in Europe. Please don’t make the link time out because when the download stops, you can not resume it unless you have a special downloader and know what you are doing. When the link times out, it says it can not continue because the file is no longer there!