Program for multiple exporting via cycle markers...

Hi, I create a simple program that can be used for multiple exporting via cycle markers. Is anyone interested in it?

EDIT: You can download first testing version here:


This can be useful. I can’t imageine, when should I use in my job, but I can imagine, this is useful for different type of job.

Is this both, Windows and Mac compatible?


It is only for windows. Program is powered by macro commands.
I using it, when I record live concert. I need export every song separatly. In cubase it is very tired proces, because I must wait for every audio mixdown, then move locator and start exporting again… This little program automate it. You cant use computer for other work, but you can go out. Every song will be exported automatically :slight_smile:.

If it’s macros I’d be interested. I looked at this a while ago - for the same reason as you - but gave up so I’d be interested to see how you did it. Can you post a link?

This is interesting. I don’t have a direct use dor It, but I would like to see how you did It. I might they to for Instance change It slightly to replace batch export which I don’t have in Cubase artist.:slight_smile:

I have it only in czech language without help file. I will translate it today and write manual for you. After that I will post a link :slight_smile:

For me is czech language OK. :wink:

Nonexisting batch processing is one of the biggest leak in Cubase for years. It’s mostly related with timewasting functions like audio mixdown and freeze. Dear Steinberg, please save time of you users!!! Is the implementation really so difficult? Or you can simply add it into next Cubase update please?

Sounds interesting!

Hi, today I done it. It is working only with Cubase 6 for now! You can download it here: It is first testing version. It is possible that it contains some errors…

Great, thanks, this will certainly come in handy!!!

I hope it will work for everyone! If any errors, please write it to me.

Would anyone like version for cubase 4 or 5?

I don’t really use Cubase, but Nuendo has this function to export cycle markers

Thanks a lot Hanys! Very handy tool!

You’re welcome… Yes, it save me lot of time. :slight_smile:.

While I think of it, if interested, there is also this to check out too:-

I know it, but did not want buy it because Steinberg maybe add this function into new cubase. Btw do this utility was cheaper :slight_smile:

I got an error - vcl60.bpl is missing. (SonyVAIO Windows 7 64-bit, Cubase 6)
I Googled and got Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 (Trial) and installed but still get the same error.

Any help?


PS: since PM’d you I figured your .EXE was made with Delphi.

Thank you for bug report :slight_smile:… try it now, It should work…