Program For Vinyl Record Halt Effect

Hello All,
I’ve seen this mentioned in another thread but search won’t find it.
What is the program used to bring a song to a halt like stopping a vinyl record? I can simulte it with scrub but I can’t employ it in real time.
Thanks for the replies.


For Windows, Tape Stop.

Thanks mashedmitten. I’ve downloaded it and I’ll check it out.

“dBlue Glitch” is arguably an industry standard for Tape Stop’s and other Glitch effect. And it’s free. If you take the pay route I recommend Izotope Stutter, NI The Finger, or Sugar Bytes Effectrix or Artillery 2. Have fun

Thanks Samcatchem! Just downloaded Glitch and will try that out later!

And - of course, not in realtime - you can directly use the Process > Pitch Shift from the audio menu in cubase:

I’ve used that pitch correction but I’ve never seen where I could program it to descend/ascend a sound smoothly with speed control. But then again I’ve never opened it for this purpose.