Program freezes when editing DMX without snap


  1. I’m trying to edit my DMX track but have a small problem. I want to program gradual changes, like going from value 50-0 gradually. For this I’m trying to use the “Line” tool in the DMX edit window, but if I set snap to off and draw a line the program always freezes and I have to restart.
    If I arm the track and record with the DMX mixer it works - I get a gradual movement like I would expext when using a console. It would be nice however if I could just edit this in from within the DMX track.
    Edit: This actually works if I use the editing window in the bottom, for the focues track.

  2. Copy and pasting behaves very strangely on DMX track events. It often doesn’t work at all.

  3. The Editing Window for DMX tracks is also a bit strange to use. It feels difficult to get the zoom right. And if I highlight an edit point in the focused track in the bottom window it doesnt actually let me edit it, I have to edit points from the window above - and that is tricky because of the the zoom/view problem.

  4. Sometimes I see no change in my lights after having edited and changed values in the DMX tracks edit window. I then have to restart the program for it to realize there are changes made to values. Similarly here I dont have this problem if record the changes, only if I program them from the edit window.

Apart from that I’m happy so far! :slight_smile:


Macbook M1 (Mac OS Monterey)
Enttec Open DMX USB


It meight be fixed in the next release regarding this reply :sunglasses: