Program Latency/responsiveness issues in 7

There seems to be all sorts of issues with latency in clicking between windows and pressing stop and things of that sort. none of the was present in 6.5 for me. For example in a project where i have 20% cpu usage Any time i switch windows it takes a moment to let me press anything when i come back. This is quickly getting very annoying. For example, if I try to press rec/stop/play or anything there’s a small delay whereas in 6.5 there was instant gratification. This makes accurate punching impossible and is just plain annoying.

Just to repro. If i just stay in the project window for example and press play and stop all works like normal. However if I press play, then alt-tab this chrome window then alt-tab right back i can’t just press spacebar to stop it again like i’ve always been able to, i have to take the mouse and click in the project window to get it to stop again. There also seems to be big issues just switching between the mix console, project window, sample editor. in fact audio is glitching(even at 20%) when i click from the sample editor to the project window during playback.

Any help appreciated.

Im having almost the same problem. I’ll get spikes in the ASIO meter for no reason. I never had this issue before. I’m sure there will be bug fixed as we go. I hope :slight_smile:

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing. In fact if anything Cubase 7s audio stability has been improved for me. My cpu usage is down mildly.

I think i got to the root of this, it’s the full screen mode on the mix console. If I turn that off all behaves how i expect. That said…I like the fullscreen mixer and don’t see why it has to be this way. Any way to resolve this?