Program list not updating menu when automated

We have a plug-in that has a program list parameter that is automatable. The presets menu in Cubase/Nuendo works fine as far as user interaction with it goes, but it does not update when playing back automation. The automation lane shows the correct value in the drop-down and the automation graph is correct, as is our processing, but the preset menu itself (at the top of the plug-in window, and thus out of our control), does not update. Is this a Cubase/Nuendo bug? (I’m testing in Cubase 7.5 and 8.5 on the Mac, by the way.) Is there a way to force it to update without interfering with the automation that is already taking place?

Hope to answer your question. says:
No automated parameter must influence another automated parameter
The prime example for this is the automation of preset changes. A preset change can lead to the change of all ‘normal’ parameters. So if automation data already has been recorded for these parameters and the preset change is recorded as well: who wins? This question can not be answered and the problem can only be resolved by avoiding it. This is why automation of preset changes is not allowed by default.

Note The example in the VST SDK does set the automation flag, but also in my VST the program parameter is not recorded, not by any DAW.

I understand that one automated parameter should not in general control another automated parameter. However, when making a parameter with the kIsProgramChange flag set, that parameter becomes automatable (at least in Cubase/Nuendo). Just trying to get the display in the plug-in window to match the value in the automation lane (and that our plug-in sees).

Indeed, some host don’t update the preset name. it may not be only Cubase. Did you find any host that does ? You could try FL., Cakewalk, Carla etc… If this works in another host, guess it may help to post this issue in the Cubase forum as well. I myself, still have a very long list with preset problems in many different hosts and no time to post them in each and every DAW forum.

I can’t test this in Cubase anymore as my 30 days trial expired and Cubase does not offer limited functional edition for development purposes, like Bitwig does. Having every DAW on the planet and keep them up to date, inc.l upgrades is a serious drain in cash and huge burden for VST development to guarantee the plugin works with every DAW.