Program loop when editing long notes

I attach an example which fairly reliably demonstrates the issue.

  • Go to bar 570
  • Try to extend the note length to the end of 577 - I used Shift+Option+Right in 8th note increments
  • If you are successful, try shortening the note back to its original length

By this time you should see the problem: The selected notes start flashing; displaying and disappearing; Bar numbers disappear; Dorico is unresponsive.
I have tried this particular example on the desktop, and it’s not an issue there.

This is not an isolated example of this “flashing loop while extending” but at last I found one that fails consistently on this iPad (iPad Pro 11" 2nd gen) after I pared down the complete project.
Long note editing loop.dorico (898.8 KB)

I can reproduce this here - I’ll get one of the developers to take a look.