program problem. WHERE DID MY EDIT WINDOW GO???

ok i just got wavelab, ive been a owner of 8.5 pro ,sequel , etc…well i installed wavelab elements 9 opened up a song that i have done and exported out of sequel …had the edit window and everything else pop up correctly , pressed play and all of a sudden wavelab crashed , so i restarted and the wave edit window was not there , if i access a file in the file browser and press play thru the space bar all the spectrometer ocsilliscope and everything light up and the sound plays, but no wave edit window shows. i uninstalled the program and reinstalled after a reboot and still having the same problem. i also cant seem to get any of the functions in the file menu to work. no new, open, import , save as , export , preferences open any window, the cd and batch conversion window are the only things that open a menu. also i can seem to get the master section to pop up but im not seeing the area on it where the plugins are supposed to be loaded either. What is going on here?

edit: i did find what happened to the master section effects…it appears a box got checked somehow and the effects wouldnt show…but still no edit window

Try to erase this folder:
AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Elements 9

ok well looks like windows 10 you have to check for hidden files.i tried to erase it from the user app data as you said through the explorer, it comes up with invalid dos function, i tried even going in thru dos itself and it acts like its not there, says could not find c:\users\tom\appdata\roaming\steinberg\wavelab elements 9. but i can clearly see it is i type the old dir/w ,
any ideas on that?

may have found a way around it, appears i have to go in the wavelab directory and manually delete the folders from inside…that looks like it got it, thank you very much :slight_smile: