Program selector not working well on Cubase 9.5.30 / Halion 3 SE


When I open a project, all my saved program selector are gone, they are still loaded on HALion SE but not in the program selector window, so when I export the midi with the program changes setting on, they are just pianos and not the sounds I choose. Never had this issue with Cubase 9 / Halion 5 SE
Have anybody a solution? (not using the program changes insert in each channel)

Hi and welcome,

Could you send a screenshot before and after, please?

Do you save the projects as CPR, right?

Sorry for my late reply! Still having this issues when I work with GM, I save it as cpr and after I open it again I have the same issue, pianos on the program selector of the midi channel and the right sound in Halion. (sorry the problem is with Halion 3 SE)


Could you share the MIDI file before you import it to Cubase (to be able to reproduce your state) and then after you export it from Cubase (to see the affected file), please?

I make all with cubase, and select my GM instruments with the program selector, when I close it and open it again all my selections are gone, but the sounds are ok on the Halion. I need to export the midi and keep the sounds into the GM midi file, that’s why important to mantain the selections on program selector. Thanks!


Could you share the files, as I asked in my previous post, please?