Program Selector Trouble

I have multiple MIDI Tracks pointing to the same hardware synthesizer. It’s a vintage synth that’s monotimbral and doesn’t support MIDI OMNI Mode, so all of the MIDI Tracks are necessarily routed to MIDI channel #1 (and enabled in Cubase, one-at-a-time). But when I choose a program in the Program Selector field, it changes the value in all of the tracks routed to that instrument, so I lose all record of which programs were used to generate prior Audio Tracks. And, if I want to return to a prior MIDI Track to record more parts, I must remember which program was used and update the Program Selector field all over again.

Is there any way to avoid this?


I expect you mute the tracks, you don’t want to listen (send to your HW at the time), right? Just send common Program Change message, please

Yes, only one track is unmuted at a time. That’s what I meant by “All of the MIDI tracks are … enabled in Cubase, one-at-a-time.”

Recording a program change works - thank you for this recommendation. I’ll use this workaround for now, but it’s far from ideal. For starters, I don’t have my program names numbered, so recording the respective program change requires counting through the device’s long list of programs and then adding the program change manually in the Key Editor. [Maybe there’s a shortcut for this? A Cubase command to print/render the Program Selector parameter to the MIDI Track? Maybe a macro that exports/re-imports an SMF file?]

Or, I can go update the program names for all of my hardware synths. Ugh.

Thanks again.

Aha! Exporting the MIDI Track to a Type 1 SMF MIDI file and then re-importing works like a charm. It’s a bit easier, especially if your synth employs banks.

On the other hand, for all this trouble, SysEx is proving to be the better solution (on synths that support it, anyways). For those that don’t, I really need to make a habit of recording tape dumps with each project.