Program wide key commands

I’ve had a bit of a search but couldnt find anything, Is this possible?

Similar thread, but not quite
they suggest the key commands are global but they’re not

eg music is playing (space bar = start/stop)
but if the program browser dialog window is open eg selecting a new program for a synth, the space bar will not work to start/start it just makes a horrible windows alert noise, to stop the music I have to click on the transport stop button, or elsewhere in the window and then press the spacebar.

So my question is, is it possible to have global key commands?

cheers zed


I’m afraid, this is not possible, especially for space bar. You need the space bar for example to be able to type a space in the name of the track, in all searching fields, etc. This doesn’t make me much sense.

Using HW Controller and triggering these Commands from HW solves these issues perfectly.

ha ha, touche, valid point.
Perhaps not that global then for that key. I have a keyboard with extra keys that dont exist in most other keyboards, I have 3 mapped as ctrl-x,c,v (cut/copy/paste) (g4,G5,G6) with a single push of a button, this works in all apps, very nice for copying and pasting a lot of stuff quickly (a bit like linux does with the mouse), backlit keys (great for working in the dark/night)

now is it possible for me to map eg G1 to stop/start transport and for it to work 100% like it does with what I have (ctrl/x/c/v) which is uber global, it works in any program, including cubase 8, select something, press G5, go to another track/bar& press G6, bang its copied and pasted. though I dont want that OS uber-globalness of course I just want it to work globally in cubase, is this possible?