ProgramChange and Preload

Hello everyone,
I have two questions :slight_smile:

Is it now possible to trigger a ProgramChange in a VST plug-in in the GlobalStacks directly via a midi track? So far, only Velocity and SysEx settings can be made in the MidiEditor, right? It would also be really cool if program changes could be triggered when changing parts without always having to load new VST PlugIns per part.

I don’t understand the preload function. Is it possible to preload all parts of the current song when you select. We have almost 150 titles in our coverband, which we often play independently of a setlist. The 10 titles that I have already programmed, take quite a long time to preload everything at once.

LG Tobias

Not directly, but you can use the built-in Virtual MIDI “cables” to acheive that. We are working on the direct way.

No, you can create any MIDI event in the MIDI List editor (Edit/MIDI List Editor).

Did you check Shared Instruments yet? You can select any exsisting Layer Instrument as a Layer Output.

Activating plugins takes time when done for the first time, the preload function “touches” each plugin once to shorten switching times later. You usually run it once at soundcheck time or the like, it can take quite a while. But you usually don’t need it for setting up or rehearsal, it just takes more time to switch Parts, but only for the first time those are activated.

Hello and thank you for the quick reply,

In my test object I have currently prepared 15 songs with the corresponding stacks in the parts. With the latest and fastest MacBook Pro, preloading these presets takes about 3 minutes. I don’t know if I can just extrapolate that, but with 150 songs - 30 minutes? In a live situation, the songs would have to be fully loaded, otherwise there would inevitably be sound interruptions when switching.

Unfortunately we don’t use layers, only stacks for guitars and vocals. Is a shared stacks variant also planned?

Neural DSP and Overloud TH-U offers no possibility of a program change via the QuickControls. Controlling individual parameters makes no sense in our repertoire, cause we need too many very different presets.

Can you roughly say when the program change functionality will come?

Or are there any other ideas for a workaround?

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There will be no specific Program Change functionality, just MIDI Input.

You can already just send MIDI to Stack Insert plugins. At the top right of the plugin editor, you can select a MIDI input, for instance Virtual MIDI 3. Then send Program Changes to Virtual MIDI 3 from a MIDI track at the time it should happen.

Not quite sure what you expect. It is very likely that the Program Change will take long as well.
Preload does just the same as if you select each Part manually. If that takes long, it takes long, that is up to the plugins.

Also, while there are no shared Stacks yet, there are global Stacks (Part/Create Global Part). You might try those. But if loading a Part/Stack with a plugin (and its program settings) takes long, Program Change might also take just that long too, so that wouldn’t help either. But you may give it a try.

Hello musicullum,

thank you very much for your suggestions.

I have already tried this several times with the virtual midi cables. Unfortunately so far unsuccessfully. I can see that a signal arrives, but nothing happens. With external controllers (for example keyboard or footcontroller) it works without problems. With Overloud TH-U even without any cutting of delay and reverb. Maybe I have overlooked something in the settings?

Regarding the preloading, it would be great when selecting a song, the first part is loaded and then in the background - during live operation - the other parts of the song. Was / is there not such a function with Halion Sonic?

Kind regards

That will not be possible like you describe it. Preloading in Halion is loading samples, that is a different task.
When you change Parts, the currently playing Layers continue to do so until all notes (and sustain pedal) have been released, and the Layer Sustain Time (Preferences) has elapsed so to allow for overlapping operation. This is similar to “preloading” (the newly activated assets), but we cannot preload “on the go” as you suggest.
There was a similar suggestion and we are examining it, but that assumes some sort of “moderation” during the process. If you run two Parts in parallel, as that would require, it also means twice the CPU stress.
We will implement seamless Song transition later, then preload the next part should also be possible like you suggested.

Open the Devices/MIDI Monitor and set it to the same input as your Stack (like Virtual Midi 3). Watch what is beeing sent to the Stack. Then set the MIDI Monitor input to your external controller and watch again, do those data really match?


I’ve now tested it again. The midi signals I send are identical. In standalone mode, the program change works fantastic on Overloud and Neural DSP. As soon as I load the plug-in in VST Live, every program change command is obviously filtered. All other controllers and notes seem to work.

Best regards


any ideas or workarounds for this problem?

Lg Tobias

Hi @Tobias_Verburg,

we are still investigating the problem. Please give us some more time, we’ll get back to you. We are trying to get it fixed (if a fix is needed) for the next Friday release.


Hello Michael,

great, thank you for your hard work!

LG Tobias

Hi Michael,

is there anything new in this matter?

LG Tobias

We are on it, sorry it takes a bit longer than we had hoped for.

And we found a problem, the fix will be available with the upcoming version (didn’t quite make it for today). It took longer to analyse, as it appears to only happen on WIndows systems.

Hi musicullum,

thank you for the feedback.

In fact, I use a MacBook Max M2.

But I’m excited and will test the update as soon as it’s available.

Best regards

Oh, that’s weird…it worked with a Mac here but not on a PC.
Anyway, we are on it and will fix it, thanks for the feedback!

Hey everyone,

today I took another look at VT Live. In fact, the program change still doesn’t work. All CCs work. I’ve also tested this on another system, same issue. Attached are to pictures that should illustrate the problem.

It would be so awesome if this worked.

LG Tobias

The cc worked on both setups. The pc messages only standalone.

Looking at this again, will report.

Hi @Tobias_Verburg,

we finally found the problem and could fix it. But the fix didn’t make it into today’s build, sorry. Next update.


Hi Michael,

that would be great. For me, the absolute killer feature :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to trying it out.

LG Tobias