Programchange , Bankselect (MSB 0 & LSB 32) [maybe a request?!]

Hello to all,

i was try ansd searching for the way to find the Programchange numbers of a Sound in the mediabay but can not find it, please can you help me to find a solution to see quick the Programchange bankselect MSB & LSB?

I was find out that we can ad o one Slot 128 Sounds as a Bank and can use with Programchangenumbers 1-128 per Slot…
I was find out the i can ad more sounds on the Slot more than 128 Sounds in the Slot but the problem is that the slot is receiving only 128 programchange numbers, please can you help out how to select the sound higher than Number 128 on the Slot ?

Other question is: is it Possible to change / select the sounds directly from the media list via Programchange and Bankselect or like this MIDI commands without to load into the Slot ???

I am lookijng for a solution to create my own Soundbank like GM / GS or XG with more than 128 Sounds that i can select via MIDI comands on all the 16 tracks of an MIDI Song File.

I hope you are understand my problem

Thank you all guys & galls so much ! ! ! :slight_smile:

Hello again folks !

No Idea :question:
No affirmative reply from Steinberg headquater, expert or coder :question: (maybe no time)
Please help us out to find a solution or beder give a information if it is supported or not please :exclamation:
Or is this funktion not aviable on HaLion6 :question:

If not, i will request this funktion:
Please can you ad on future updates Programchange and Bankselect values for more than 128 Programs (maybe as an option) :question:

I would gladly create my own Soundmap / Soundbank with more than 500 Programs and select them in combination via Program Change, Bankselekt 0 (MSB CC 000) and Bankselect 32 (LSB CC 032).

This means we (all users) need more Banks per Slots wich we can select via MSB & LSB.

Keep cool, please forward and kindly regards

This is currently not possible.

I would recommend giving your feature request its own thread, but keep in mind that GS/XG/GM2 banks would be hell to organize in the program table.

+1, Hypersonic have this feature. Bank MSB, LSB is a great feature.

It’s already in the inspector and if you use the steinberg patch editor Scriptmaker you can create your own scripts.

This is the Halion board.

Helo to all,
any chance to recive MSB LSB and load to Slot?
I have tryed but no go…
Just 128 Program Changes is Loadingv to Slot…